What’s the Recommended Age For Trampolines?

Kids TrampolineTrampolines are one of the many toys that kids do desire during their early development stages, and because of this, parents may be compelled to introduce these toys to their children at one point or the other. The question that any parents often have to keep up with is at what age can kids start using trampoline. Children are very different in their playing behaviors, and due to this, we find that there is no particular age that kids must meet before they can be allowed to jump on the trampolines. However, one thing that many parents agree on is the safety aspect, and that is, kids should only be allowed to play in trampolines only if there is a guarantee that they won’t get harmed.

Check on a child’s level of interaction with physical activities

Before buying any toys for their children, parents must assess whether their kids will use the given toys appropriately, and the same principle also applies if kids are to be introduced to trampolines. Toys do serve different purposes, and with trampolines, the intention is somehow different as compared to when toys such as dollies are bought. The assumption is that any child that can comfortably use a trampoline must be old enough, and also tend to play with the peers without involving parent’s help. Parents are therefore advised to check on the cognitive skills of their children before committing any of their money into buying a trampoline. If a child is prone to many outdoor activities like running, and barely get hurt, then at that age there will be no harm if a trampoline is introduced into a kid’s playful life.

Trampolines come in different sizes; only buy one that corresponds to your kid’s age

Girl jumping on trampoline Sometimes, parents may find themselves buying a trampoline just because their kid demanded so. The fact is that kids don’t have an idea of what is right or wrong for them; therefore all the safety decision lies with the parents. Trampolines exist in various sizes, and each size has a target age group it is aimed at. Mini kids trampolines are ideal for kids aged between two and three years, and their height corresponds to the adrenaline rush this category of infants. Before buying a trampoline, parents should check their children’s age group, the level of their physical activities, and decide on a trampoline that a child will find easy to use on his/her own.

You will need to buy a bigger trampoline as your kid advance in his/her age

Once a child hits the teenage life, it will become impossible for her to enjoy getting into a mini trampoline. At the onset of the teenage life, expect kids to be at their most active life moments, and any trampoline that can fit this age group description must be 14 feet bigger. Any trampoline that is below 14 feet size is recommended for kids aged between four to ten years. At times, adults too can have the urge to jump on a trampoline, and if this is the case, then a durable and strong trampoline should be present within a home compound.